Artists: Professional Wait-ers


Not waiters in terms of drinks and food service. But in the sense that artists are always waiting.

For a “Yes.”

For a “No.”

For deadlines.

The result of deadlines.



For ideas to percolate. For artworks to develop.

Mayday Playwrights Festival  has taken the waiting out of the equation. What if we removed all waiting from the lives of artists? What would be gained? What would be lost?

And that reaches into a bigger concern with living and life, and love and all the things we are waiting for and on…

What if we dived head first into something we want or have been preparing for? A romance? Art? An experience that exalts and transcends? What if we seized this day like it was the last and said what we needed to?Did what we needed to NOW?

Would things be different?

Would we be different?