Week 2: The Solitudes

The Solitudes

A collection of monologues by some of Australia’s most exciting and dynamic talented writers.

This Storm Shall Come by Shannon Murdoch
Directed by Ngaire O’Leary
Performed by Lauren Hamilton-Neill


Soap written by Ava Karuso
Directed by Mackenzie Steele,
Performed by Sonya Kerr


The Crash written by Melita Rowston
Directed by Fiona Hallenan-Barker
Performed by Ainsley McGlynn


Spring written by Jonathan Gavin,
Directed by Augusta Supple
Performed by Matthew Charleston


Trish written by Noelle Janaczewska
Directed by Anthony Skuse
Performed by Catherine Terracini


The World Creates Itself written by David Finnigan
Directed by Augusta Supple
Performed by Alex Bryant-Smith


An Alley in Two Parts written by Maxine Mellor
Directed by Kai Raisbeck,
Performed by Claudia Barrie and Aaron Glenane


Shooting Hoops written by Julia-Rose Lewis,

Directed by Sama Ky Balson

Performed by Luke Carson


Fat Boy written by Kate Gaul

Directed by Nick Atkins

Performed by Tom Christopherson

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